Anna And Maria C.

Our stories

Why do we do our work? Look at the faces of these kids, you'll understand. We want to share with you some stories of our little heroes.

“The main desire of my children, it would seem, is very simple but also very complex: they want to learn how to walk, play with children, live an active life. To make the dreams of my children come true is the meaning of my life”

Irina, mother of Anna and Maria

The ABSOLUT-HELP charity foundation has been helping the twin sisters Anna and Maria for several years. It also pays for their rehabilitation. Now the girls are 9 years old. They were born prematurely in the hospital of Fryazino, Moscow region. Immediately after birth they were diagnosed with "cerebral palsy".

Despite the fact that the older children generally are stronger, Anna suffered more: she does not speak, sits with difficulty, cannot hold objects in her hands. Although she is only 30 seconds older than the sister. Anna (her mother fondly calls her Annushka) is calm and soft, a true mother's daughter. Her favorite pastime is to sit on mum's laps. Sisters are very different in character, but they support each other which is most important. "Masha knows that the sister is the most familiar and close person, she always stands up for her. "Oh, you're my doll!", that is how she calls Anya", says Irina, the girls’ mother. Masha is quite different. She's stronger, she can walk with a walker, she speaks and generally wants to be a prosecutor because her mother is a lawyer. Masha is a girl with a strong, forceful character, a true leader. She would rather choose a car than a doll out of toys.

The girls' mother Irina lives alone, her husband left the family several years ago. Irina works as a lawyer, she hires babysitters for her girls, because all grandparents passed away. Irina is doing everything to help her daughters. Anya needs constant care and supervision, she exercises with a speech therapist, and Mary studies at home, teacher come to her for she is enrolled in a regular school program.

For 9 years, namely since birth, Anna and Maria have been undergoing several paid rehabilitation courses per year and regularly visit the state treatment centre for free. With cerebral palsy it is important to start treatment as early as possible and not to stop it. Specialists of the “Akademiya Zdorovia” health center know these two adorable patients for a long time, their rehabilitation plan is devised for the years ahead. The average cost of rehabilitation for a patient with cerebral palsy – 75 500 rubles. Annually the child requires 3-4 courses, depending on the condition.

During the period of treatment the girls have already achieved great success: Anna starts crawling, sits on a special chair, Maria walks with a walker. The doctors hope that after 2-3 years of treatment she will be able to walk on her own. It is important not to stop now and continue rehabilitation. We asked Masha about her most cherished dream and the mother replied "Masha wants to take her sister by the hand and run together". Irons also describes her greatest desire: "I share the same dream, the dream of my children. I want them to be able to walk, nothing more".