Sasha K.

Our stories

Why do we do our work? Look at the faces of these kids, you'll understand. We want to share with you some stories of our little heroes.

Sasha is 8 years old. This sweet boy has cerebral palsy, eyesight problems and many other related diagnoses. "On paper Sasha has a medium-severe course of the disease, the disability was extended to the age of 18, but for me he is a promising, clever boy, happy and cheerful. Our family loves him, that without him we can not imagine our life. Grandparents, aunts and uncles - we all adore our bright and beautiful boy," says his mother Olga.

Sasha moves on all fours or with the support of a walker (slowly and for short distances). He eats and drinks from a cup without help, but his fine motor skills are not developed, the boy can't hold a pencil in his hand and gets tired quickly. He sits in a special chair, his back is curved. When Sasha was almost 4, he started to speak. He has certain problems with speech, but he speaks quite clearly and understandable. Although the kid quickly gets tired and distracted.

The boy underwent a lot of rehabilitation courses in state and private medical institutions. He had surgeries on his right arm and his legs, received botox injections to reduce spasticity and had his legs plastered twice to straighten the foot. The parents continue to engage with the kid at home. Sasha shows good results and the doctors recommend not to stop the rehabilitation.

The average cost of rehabilitation for a patient with cerebral palsy is 75 500 rubles. Annually the child requires 3-4 courses, depending on the condition.

The boy's family lives in a small military town with the conditions suitable for a normal child, but not for "unusual" ones. From the age of 4, Sasha began attending ordinary preschool group for communication and training. "There was a kind of misunderstanding and annoyance from the staff, but we overcame it, because I understood that my son needed that socialization," recalls the mother. He is now attending a speech therapy group of the preschool. This year Sasha will graduate from preschool and go to school. The boy visits a speech therapist and a speech pathologist. He takes part in group activities, events and matinees. Sasha attends classes with joy, he has got many friends. This is a very important stage in the child's life. In the intervals between courses of rehabilitation and preschool he goes to a family club for special children "Tsvetik-Semitsvetik".

Sasha loves walking in the fresh air, he used to play in a sandbox or move around town in a wheelchair, but he has grown up. He got a converted tricycle, and now Sasha is mastering new riding technique, however, as his mother says: "we should tie him thoroughly to the bike". He has difficulties with the pedals and gets tired quickly, but the opportunity to walk along the street without help pushes him forward.

Sasha lives in a full family, he has an older brother Ivan, who is studying in the third grade. "It turns out that we can give to our kids only the most urgent and necessary things, but cannot provide our son with the required rehabilitation and treatment. So our family hopes for your help!" says his mother.