Christina S.

Our stories

Why do we do our work? Look at the faces of these kids, you'll understand. We want to share with you some stories of our little heroes.

Christina is 13 years old. Since childhood the girl has cerebral palsy, she almost does not hear and can’t walk. Her grandmother looks after her. When Christine was a baby, her mother and grandmother moved from Perm to Moscow in order to cure the girl. The girl is a copy of her grandmother, they understand each other perfectly. Christine do not speak, but understands everything. She openly and quite naturally expresses her emotions. When you take her hand she turns and smiles.

Three times a week Christina is visited by the teachers from the boarding school for hearing-impaired people. They conduct creative educational classes. The girl always waits for these lessons. Christina exercises in craftwork and production of toys from clay. In May she went to another rehabilitation course, while she needs 3-4 such courses a year.

This time they went to Evpatoria with the assistance of our Organization. In the sanatorium the girl underwent a surgery to be able to sit. Christina was very excited, finally she has a chance to move without help. She was offered to use a special wheelchair that holds her back and body. She was able to turn the wheels and move wherever she wants. It was great joy for her.

Unfortunately, at this point Christine needs a specially designed wheelchair instead of her old and uncomfortable one. The walks will open the door to new interesting world full of new discoveries. Any movement without help makes the girl thrilled.

The cost of the wheelchair (especially designed for Christine by specialists) amounts to 221 640 RUB.