Katya Z.

Our stories

Why do we do our work? Look at the faces of these kids, you'll understand. We want to share with you some stories of our little heroes.

Do you think the kid with Cerebral Palsy can go in for karate? Looking at our beneficiary Katya we certainly say: “Yes, she can! And not only do, but win”.

Now Katya is 13 years old. In a year and a half she was diagnosed with CP.

She is an excellent motivated pupil, smart and curious. Despite her illness the girl goes in for adaptive karate, attends a Sunday school and theatre studio in church.

In August 2016 she took the 1st place on the Russian Karate Cup for the children with special needs. In 2015-2016 she received a nominal scholarship of the Head of Klinsk municipal region and another one from the Governor of Moscow region.

“Shock. Pain. Attempts to find guilty. Awareness of hopelessness. Hope. Thirst for activity. Lack of money. Faith. These are the steps our family went through when we faced the diagnosis. We gathered together, shared responsibilities and activities. We worked out a tough schedule for her. Sometimes she didn`t have time for the rest”, – tells Katya`s mother Elena.

Katya`s parents addressed to Charity Foundation Absolute-Help in several years after they found out their daughter`s diagnosis. We immediately responded to their request as realized the importance of permanent treatment in such cases. Our Foundation has been paying for Katya`s rehabilitation courses for 10 years.
First positive results appeared after several courses in one of our partner-treatment centers. The girl learned how to walk with Canadian sticks (crutches with the elbow support). With them she can make 20 steps. It is a huge achievement which required several years.
Katya is worried that she can`t move without external support. Often in tears she always asks the same questions: “Why am I not like all the other children? Why I can’t walk? Everybody walk and I can`t”. How to respond her? Parents support their daughter, explaining her that she must work hard. Our family live with the only hope that Katya will walk one day.

Her rehabilitation goes on. So many efforts are forward, but Katya has already reached one important goal - she left her wheelchair and began to make her first steps.