Comprehensive support of children and teenagers with mental disabilities

Comprehensive support of children and teenagers with mental disabilities


Families with autism children face the problem of systemic professional work with them. Often they are in social isolation, the society is not ready for active interaction with children having special characteristics. After the child is diagnosed with an unfavorable diagnosis, the life of the family and all its members begins to take place in a chronic psychotraumatic situation. Often this is accompanied by a partial or even complete loss of family contacts with a familiar social environment.

The solution for many families is to join a local parents’ organization that consolidates such families and creates space for the experience exchange and support. Therefore, the most important task is to support the families with disabled children and return them to the active lifestyle.

The Absolute-Help Charitable Foundation supported the project of the Moscow regional public organization LYUMOS on comprehensive support of children and teenagers with mental disabilities.

The LUMOS organization is a parents’ organization which purpose is to provide comprehensive support to the families with children and teenagers with mental disabilities. The organization unites families from several cities of the south of the Moscow region (Serpukhov, Pushchino, Chekhov, Protvino and other towns).

The organization also promotes the development of inclusive education, integration and adaptation of children and teenagers with disabilities into the social environment. It is social integration as the process of including a child with health related disabilities into the main spheres of human life in society (work, life, leisure). And it is perhaps the most urgent problem for almost all families with such children. Social integration also contributes to the education of tolerance to the problems of disabled people and the general development of communication culture in society.

In addition, the LYUMOS organization tries to use various advanced author's rehabilitation programs aimed at comprehensive psychological and pedagogical help to disabled children and to interact with various educational and cultural institutions in the cities of the South Moscow Region.

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