From the first days

From the first days

"Children first? Absolutely!" is a partnership initiative of the Foundation for Support of Children in Difficult Life Situation and the Absolute-Help Charitable Foundation.

Our Foundation together with the partner is implementing integrated projects in the municipalities of the Moscow region aimed at early intervention and the introduction of effective technologies for the social rehabilitation of children with disabilities. In 2016, the Absolute-Help Foundation took an active part in the work of the competitive commission of the Foundation for Support of Children to review and support socially significant projects. Based on the results of the expert assessment, three projects were supported. They will be implemented in the Moscow Region in 2017-2018. The projects are the following "Small World, But Great Opportunities", "The World of Equal Opportunities", "The Way of New Opportunities" 


What parents can do when a baby with disabilities is born? First of all there is a question, who to ask for help, where to find necessary information, psychological and qualified medical support. At the same time, it is important to start acting as soon as possible to make further steps more effective. However, most often children under the age of three spend time mostly at home and do not have the opportunity to receive counseling and follow-up care of certain specialists. For families with such children it’s important to get comprehensive care available near their place of residence.

To solve this problem, it is important to act at the municipal level, supporting the centers of comprehensive support for children with health related disabilities. Such a project of the Absolute-Help Foundation was implemented in Elektrostal city in the framework of a joint initiative with the Foundation for Support of Children in Difficult Life Situation. Comprehensive work with the families is conducted on the basis of the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Health Disabilities "Golden Key". More than 200 children with health related disabilities participate in integration development events, receive consultations and support of a teacher-psychologist, speech therapist, social specialist, a teacher of additional education.

Thus, the children are involved in a common rehabilitation space, which allows us to solve the most important issues of early intervention for children with disabilities.

Objectives of the project:

  • support the development of an Early Intervention System for children with disabilities, from birth to 3 years;
  • provide access to comprehensive rehabilitation for children with disabilities;
  • provide integration of children with disabilities into the environment of healthy peers and overcoming the social isolation of families with such children;
  • development and implementation of the Early Intervention System for children with disabilities and children from the "risk group" as a single territorial rehabilitation space on the municipal level. This system allows to rise number of families with disabled children and provide them with comprehensive rehabilitation assistance. The system integrates the health, education and social protection organizations of Elektrostal city;
  • work out integrated system for early detection of children with disabilities and a "risk group" in Elektrostal city, including working out of Early Intervention Service;
  • prevention of children's disability and social orphanage of disabled children, assistance in improving the quality of life of children with disabilities, and their timely social integration;
  • providing targeted comprehensive rehabilitation assistance and continuity in the work of specialists from municipal and other organizations to help families with disabled children;
  • early involvement of the family in the process of social support and activation of its potential opportunities through the direct inclusion in the rehabilitation process;
  • generalization and sharing the experience of organizing the municipal Early Intervention System, training of specialists.


The project is aimed at developing the system of early intervention for disabled children from birth to three years old in Sergiev Posad. The task of the project is to create single integrated system for early detection of children with disabilities and a "risk group", to involve the parents in the rehabilitation process, to provide the inclusion of the family into the process of social support and the activation of its potential opportunities. Support families with disabled children is important, because families with such babies are often socially isolated and simply do not know where they can get competent help.

It is important to understand that the sooner a family starts to solve the problem, the easier and faster it can be done. Thus, early intervention programs allow children to achieve positive dynamics and lead to positive results.

In April 2017 a program for early intervention for families with disabled children was started In Sergiev Posad in the rehabilitation center "Optimist" with the support of the Absolute-Help Foundation, within the framework of a joint initiative with the Foundation for Support of Children in Difficult Life Situations. Today, 14 children aged six months to four years, together with their parents, attend individual and group classes. We are sure this project will allow the families to get maximum support from doctors, psychologists, social specialists and teachers.

Objectives of the project:

  • development of a system of early intervention for children with disabilities from birth to three years;
  • Identification of children with disabilities from 0 to 3 years of age and providing them with early intervention assistance through interaction of local authorities and units within the structure of public health and social protection institutes;
  • development of a municipal model for the provision of early intervention and the prevention of disability;
  • ensuring continuity, including through a single database, between the Early Intervention Service and medical institutions, educational institutions and social protection organizations;
  • support for families with disabled children;
  • sharing experience, information on the activities of the Early Intervention Service, information and methodological support of specialists.


The project is aimed at increasing access to comprehensive rehabilitation for disabled children, including those living in distant towns and villages. The project is implemented in town Kratovo of Ramenskoye municipal district.

In July, the project "The Way of New Opportunities" in Kratovo was officially started. In the family center "Kovcheg" there was opened the Social Service to help children with disabilities in matters of social rehabilitation. Comprehensive rehabilitation for children with health related opportunities from distant towns is difficult. Therefore, the project's goal is to increase the availability of assistance to such children. The project is being implemented by the Absolute-Help Foundation together with the city administration of Kratovo.

Objectives of the project:

  • Provide access to comprehensive rehabilitation and care for disabled children, including those living in distant towns;
  • Open of the Social Rehabilitation Service for families with disabled children;
  • Organization and implementation of optimal and long-term complex of all types of social adaptation for disabled children; promotion and provision of social, psychological, pedagogical, organizational and other types of assistance for disabled children, their family members on the territory of the municipality with the participation of state and municipal, non-profit organizations and public associations.