Helping a family

Helping a family

During 15 years the Absolute-Help Charitable Foundation has been helping children and families with children in difficult life situations living in the Moscow region.

For 15 years our support was received by more than 5 500 children with various diagnoses: cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, delayed psycho-speech development, mental retardation, cardiovascular diseases and others. More than 1 300 children were rehabilitated in the leading rehabilitation centers.
Our long work experience has proved that one rehabilitation without any comprehensive approach is ineffective. Children’s rehabilitation for certain diseases should be started as soon as possible and should be continued for a lifetime. Every year a child with diseases such as cerebral palsy, organic damages of the central nervous system requires 2-3 rehabilitation courses, plus special equipment (strollers, tutors, walkers, bicycles, etc.), sometimes it may be necessary urgent operations, consultations, purchase of medicines, as well as legal, psychological and other assistance to the family.

The Absolute-Help Charitable Foundation initiated a project for the comprehensive support of the families with disabled children, which allows a child to receive all the necessary medical, rehabilitation, social, pedagogical and other measures and assistance promptly and on a regular basis. With the support of the experts, the Foundation takes on a coordinating role in selecting the necessary services to improve the condition of disabled children, improving their health, and, if possible, completely restoring motor, cognitive, and social functions.

The goal of the project – is to improve health of a particular child.


  • working out a family support plan;
  • coordination of the plan agreed by the Foundation staff with the involvement of experts;
  • informing parents on the rehabilitation route with the involvement of experts;
  • selection of rehabilitation tools and necessary services;
  • efficiency mark of the changes and correcting the plan if needed.

Within the framework of the project, we distinguish three main components. First of all, medical support. This part includes an expert assessment of the child's health condition , conducting the necessary surveys, drawing up a rehabilitation plan and purchasing the necessary technical means. Another important point is the social support of the family. Our beneficiaries and their parents are diagnosed. An individual support plan for each family is worked out according to the results of diagnosis and needs assessment. The third stage is activities aimed at sociocultural development and adaptation of the child to the conditions of life in society, preventing isolation and maximum inclusion of the family in the social space. At each stage of supporting, an important condition is to track the results, measure the effectiveness of taken steps, and the dynamics of the child's condition.

Strong partnerships with leading rehabilitation centers, federal clinics, charitable organizations allow us to expand the range of services provided for the benefeciaries of our Foundation in the framework of this project. For 15 years of work, these centers have become our good friends in the care of disabled children.

An integrated approach to working with each beneficiary is one of the main principles of our activity. According to this rule, the Foundation team does its best to provide comprehensive help to each beneficiary. 20 families with disabled children have already been included in the integrated project of supporting the families. In the future, we plan to expand this list.