Sport plays an important role in children harmonious development, and it is necessary for socialization and rehabilitation of children with disabilities


  • Social adaptation and rehabilitation of children with disabilities with the help of skiing and other activities in the program "Dream Ski" in the Moscow region
  • "School stadium"
  • School golf for children with disabilities

The Project "Social adaptation and rehabilitation of children with disabilities with the of ski sports and other activities in the program "Dream Ski" in the Moscow region"

A well-known program of social adaptation and rehabilitation of children with disabilities with use of mountain ski and rollers has already proved its effectiveness throughout the country. These lessons were joined by 10 beneficiaries of the Absolute-Help Foundation, pupils of the 1-8 grades with such diagnoses as cerebral palsy, autism, Down's syndrome, eye damages, intellect retardation and others. In winter the kids learned to ski, since May they have mastered the rollers. Children were engaged in a special program under the guidance of professional instructors using protective devices. Under these conditions such training is safe, exciting and very useful for children with disabilities.

The children are very excited about the lessons. The whole winter season, children skied on the slopes of the Moscow region. And in summer they will start to roller skate. Together with the instructors, children learn to ski, go down a slope, do special exercises. These classes develop communication skills, coordination of movement, improve posture, relieve spasmodic syndromes, increase self-esteem, self-confidence and even strengthen immunity to flu. The effectiveness of the "Dream Ski" Program from a medical point of view is confirmed by the chief children's rehabilitologist of Russia, the president of the National Association of Cerebral Palsy, expert Tatyana Batysheva.

Feedbacks from the children are exceptionally positive. Here are a few of them.

"I've skied four times already. I rolled down a big slope, fell only once. When I got down a slope, I almost lost my breath. It was so excited. My instructor's name is Zhenya, we made friends. I really want to go on skiing”. Katya, 13 years old.

"My instructor's name is Alexey, he gave me a stick, it was easier to ski with it. He taught me to make turns. I just went down from a small slope today, while there was no big one, but I was not afraid of it", Ruslan, 13 years old.

One of the participants of the project Ilya won a bronze medal at the All-Russia competitions in mountain ski "Dream Starts" on February, 14 in Tyumen. He participated in category "Without support, the Elders" and lost to the first place just 2 seconds.

Technique of summer rehabilitation sessions on roller sports is developed on the basis of a skiing program. Special rollers equipment is used instead of special ski one, as well as ski boots adapted to the needs of the summer program, ski rollers with a parallel row of wheels for better stability and other devices. Children are taught by qualified roller sports instructors who learned to work with disabled people.

For our pupils, the instructors were fixed. Children have already made friends with them. In winter our beneficiaries were brought to the ski slope, and in May instructors Arthur, Ilya and Julia visited children in the “Absolute” boarding school every week. The children awaited them every Monday and Friday.

"We passed various tests there, we skated along the paths and along the grass, sometimes went to a big slope, this is for those who have overcome all exercises before. I like everything very much”, - says Lesha, the participant of the program.

"I have already learned how to skate rollers, I fall rarely, I learn to keep my balance, I could not even walk on them, but now I can stand easily. I've already learned how to fall right. I like the fact that I can already skate smoothly. I can move in a wave way bypassing the cones. I like the instructors, I would like to learn riding a bicycle, it's still difficult for me", - Artem shared.

At the first lessons, the kids roller skated on the grass, tried to take the first steps, then moved to a soccer field with a soft covering, then began to go down the slopes. The elder group moved quickly on to a more complicated stage: they moved between the cones, went down a slope. But the lessons began with the fact that they taught children to fall right. This is an important skill that will be useful everywhere, not just in sports. It was important for small participants in the program to put them on the rollers first. Many of them have learned to skate in one or two trainings. These classes give children self - confidence, a sense of "I can", improve coordination of movements, remove spastic syndromes, straighten posture and even strengthen immunity. They learn to communicate with each other, become more sociable.

The instructors say that it is interesting to observe the children, their behavior at school differs from their behavior during the class. So, Ilya is calm and introvert in communicating with teachers and classmates. But when he was on the ski classes, he became open, emotional, talkative. At school Artem can be lazy and does not do things he doesn’t want to. On the roller-skate classes he stopped complaining, became motivated to achieve the results.

Roller-skate classes were held in mini-groups, which allowed the kids to observe each other, compete and, in the end, do more than they were expected to do. First-grader Kirill showed excellent results both in winter season and in spring. The boy repeated all exercises properly, from the first day he mastered the technique. He did his best on every class. In May he learned to skate for just one class. The boy had progress in the technique of passing distance, coordination, agility, he stopped fearing speed. He has improved memory, attention, concentration, communication and sports skills. Kirill did not hide the enthusiasm, admiration and a lot of positive emotions during each lesson.

At the beginning Ruslan was scared to go at high speed, but he managed to overcome his fear and now skates without support. Arseny became more opened from the second class, he did his best. At first he was afraid to go quickly, slowly stepped on rollers, then he calmed down and skated rather well.

Every overcoming of fear and obstacles for the child is his personal achievement. It plays a significant role, because it is a step to independency, realizing one’s value, strength and acquire new skills. From this point of view, these classes have not only a great rehabilitation potential, but also a powerful therapeutic effect.

The Project "School Stadium"

Within the framework of the "Sport" program, our Foundation initiated a project for the construction and repair of sports grounds in the boarding schools of the Moscow region. This project lasted more than 10 years and we can sum up its results. During this period stadiums and sports grounds were built and reconstructed in 15 boarding schools in the Moscow region. Over 17 million rubles were allocated for the implementation of the “School Stadium” project.

Harmonious development of any child is impossible without motor activity in accordance with his needs. And sports can become not only physical rehabilitation for children with disabilities, but also an incentive for self-development, communication, and expansion of their capabilities.

Among the orphanages that received help of our Foundation in the framework of the “School Stadium” project there are boarding schools for disabled children Novopetrovskoe village, Electrostal city, Horlovo town, Lyubertsy town and others. In summer 2017, a sports ground was built in Shakhovskaya boarding school for children with health related disabilities. Now children from the boarding school can play their favorite game football and other activities in the open air.

In addition to the construction of sports grounds, our Foundation also financed the holding of children's football tournaments, participation of children's sports teams in the competitions. 32 sports tournaments were held with our support, in which more than 1 000 children took part.  

The Project "School golf for children with health related disabilities"

Why golf is suitable for working with disabled children?

Golf is an individual kind of sport. All the achievements and results in it depend on the physical and psycho emotional state of a child. In this sport you can change physical load, which is very important in working with disabled children. Although many children have disabilities they are active and agile. Golf does not require serious physical effort, but it develops agility, concentration, posture, accuracy.

In the “School golf” program there are two advantages - adaptability to the individual characteristics of the child and the playful manner, which makes the activities fascinating. After all, the ultimate goal for children aged 9-15 years old involved in the Program is to show them that their opportunities are much broader than a system of special education offered them for many years. The “School golf” program is implemented with the support of the Golf Association of Russia and on the basis of the recommendations of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

In September 2016, golf equipment was transferred to the “Absolute” boarding school, after that the “School golf” program started. The first mini-golf tournament "Absolute Family Cup" was held on September 3, 2016 as a part of the launch of the Program and the opening of the new playground. The pupils of the school took part in it together with their parents and teachers.

In April, throughout Russia, distance competitions took place within the framework of All-Russian School Golf League. They were attended by 605 young golfers from 57 schools from 14 regions of the country. The "Absolute" boarding school was the only special boarding school in the list of participants, which did not stop our students from showing decent results. Pupil of the 7th grade Faya Bayramukova took first place in the individual competition, became the best of 50 participants. On May 31, 2017 10 participants of the “School golf” program took part in the tournament "Absolute" on simulators in the golf club City Golf Moscow. Before that, the kids played golf using plastic equipment in a small gym and on mini-golf playground in the school yard. At the tournament they had the opportunity to try themselves at a new, previously unknown format - "everything is like in life, only on the screen". Children did strong, powerful blows on long distances and they liked it very much.

On June, 5, 2017 children visited Country Club one of the largest golf clubs of the Moscow Region where they took part in a golf workshop under the guidance of professional players within the frameworks of XXII Traditional International Charitable Golf Tournament. 8 children with disabilities from 9 to 13 years old took part in the workshop. This event has become an opportunity for them to plunge into the exciting world of professional golf. This experience allowed the children not only to improve their golf skills, but also to believe in themselves, their abilities and their own sport successes.