The movement of volunteers is the basis of charitable activities all over the world. It is the work of volunteers that determines speed and quality of help received by our beneficiaries. We highly appreciate friends of our Foundation and we are proud of our volunteers.

Corporate Volunteering

In Russia corporate volunteering is understood as volunteer activities of employees, personal assistance to those in need, and indirect participation – fundraising and collection material resources. One of the most common approaches to defining volunteering is participating in "helping behavior" practices, that is, providing personal assistance to those in need.

Corporate volunteering is extremely important in terms of building effective internal communication, team building by doing common good and, of course, the possibility of attracting material and human resources to help sick children, orphans, graduates of boarding schools.

For the company, volunteers are an important tool for maintaining social activity. For us, the Charitable Foundation, they are friends and helpers, people who are ready to sacrifice their resources (temporary, monetary, emotional) for the benefit of children in need. Volunteers of the ABSOLUTE Investment Group are great friends of the Foundation. More than 500 employees of the Group took part in fundraising for the treatment of children and volunteer meetings with the students of the Absolute boarding school throughout the year.

Usefulness and expediency are the main principles of the Foundation events and activities with the participation of volunteers. Volunteers can choose different forms of participation depending on their capabilities, needs, wealth. First of all, we try to create conditions for communication, games, pastime with children for each trip to them. After all, this is opportunity to give children some of their warmth, experience, care that they need. Volunteers take part in fundraising events for the benefit of children, and also help us in organizing charity events of the Foundation.

The Foundation thanks volunteers for their help in carrying out activities for children. Thanks to the active volunteers who took part in the actions, events and fundraising! Thanks to you there was opportunity to make the world a little bit kinder, and make the orphans a little bit happier. We know some of the participants by their names, but we also thank all the employees who donate money through cashboxes installed in the ABSOLUTE Group halls, as well as through the electronic form of money transfer on the corporate portal.