I want to study

I want to study

A program "I want to study" is aimed at supporting the education of children of all ages.

Beneficiaries of the Program:

  • gifted children;
  • orphans, who need distance education

Project "Gifted Children"

The number of programs of the Foundation is constantly growing and in 2005 we have already begun to implement a scholarship program for children. The project "Gifted Children" helps children and families in difficult life situation. Over 10 years, more than 300 children participated in the scholarship program each year, who received material assistance from the Absolute-Help Foundation. We received a lot of feedback from grateful parents and children who managed their dreams to come true thanks to the help of the Foundation. Within the framework of the "Gifted Children" project, the Foundation supported more than 1500 children, the material assistance amounted to 13 780 140,74 rubles.

In 2013, experts from the Absolute-Help Foundation selected 20 gifted Russian students from low-income families to prepare for training at Brighton College in the UK. Only one candidate from 20 participants passed the selection successfully and passed the exams to enter the college. His name was Daniel Bezrukov. The boy studies there for the second semester and shows excellent results.

Project "Distance education for the orphans"

It's known that pupils of the boarding schools study on a special educational program. This deprives them of the opportunity to obtain a certificate of secondary education, which, in turn, significantly narrows the horizon of professional self-realization.

The children have to pass State General Exams to continue the studying, and this requires serious preparation in mathematics, Russian and other subjects. In the framework of this project, the specialists of the Center for Equal Opportunities for Orphans “Vverkh” give children distance lessons during the study year, provide assistance and support in learning of the school subjects .This project was also joined by 10 children from the Absolute boarding school and other beneficiaries of our Foundation. It started in September 2016 and will last until August 2017.

The "Vverkh" Center has been helping children and graduates of the orphanages and the boarding schools for 15 years to receive a full-fledged general education and to enter the colleges and universities that children choose. The main work is conducted internally and individually, but there are forms of distance learning. The project helps to involve children from different regions of the country. That year it covered four regions: Moscow, Saratov, Tula and Pskov regions. Thanks to these activities, children not only pass final exams, but also enter the colleges and the universities, they are motivated to study.              

In 2015-2016 study year, fifth grade student Tanya had problems with mathematics. It was a risk for her to be transferred to the special class. Sha had distance lessons with a teacher of the "Vverkh" Center. Finally she wrote a month's test work perfectly. Now the girl is in the sixth grade and continues to study with the teacher of the "Vverkh" Center.