After school club

In the Absolute boarding school there is a library-club "After the classes". This is a special place in the school space. There are no boring lessons, everyone does what he wants. There is one condition - classes should be intellectually informative.

Modern library is designed to perform several basic tasks: education, access to information and the creation of a space for communication. All these three functions are combined in our club, which was designed as a place where children can enjoy spending their free time. The kids come here after school not only to choose a book for reading. The room is equipped with computers, through which you can access electronic databases. Here, the children do their homework. The club is also a place for communication in an informal and very cozy atmosphere.

The space of our club is as public and multifunctional as possible. One zone serves as a book depository and a place for reading. In this area there is also a children's corner for the youngest readers. Another hall is designed for all sorts of events, meetings with interesting people, movie watching, etc. There you can sit on a soft coach with a book. At the same time, books are chosen by the children themselves: the entire book fund is at their disposal. The librarian can orient, help, advice what book to choose.

In our club, the children are engaged in various areas. We have:

  • Literary club with a discussion of a work selected before. Children choose by themselves topic for discussion. Writers are often invited to these meetings, and not only;
  • Theater studio "Pierrot";
  • English speaking club "Speak Up";
  • Film discussion meetings "Filmoscope". It’s one of the most beloved projects of the club. Children choose the film by themselves, watch it together, and then share their impressions over a cup of tea.

The main principle of the club is independence. The kids take the initiative, come up with topics for discussion, decide what they want to do at the club today. Often, in the club career guidance classes and events are held, art work shops, crafts and fine arts classes. Here our children organize their own art exhibitions, invite quests. 

For younger children, a sensory room is equipped. In addition, several times a week, canis therapy classes are held: children read books to dogs. This is an effective reading practice, which is pleasant to all participants of the process - both children and dogs.