Metall and wood working

Metall and wood working

On the classes of metal and wood working the pupils of the ABSOLUTE boarding school get their first working experience, they are prepared to work and get information about different professions of metal and wood working. Children are taught based on their interest, necessarily creating a motivation for a successful result.

In the process of learning of metal and wood working, students get skills how to mark the parts, saw, drill wood, fix parts in products and decorate them. They know about the tools and devices used in metal and wood working, they learn the rules of care for them. In addition, children are taught to use drilling machine, and other instruments. Evaluation of the results of each student is also included in the training program.

They pay attention to safety and improving esthetic perception. All this contributes to the  physical and intellectual development of children with mental disabilities.

As a result of the course, the children learn about the main types and properties of wood, the ways and methods of marking, sawing, planing, chiselling and cutting with a chisel; the ways of joining of wooden parts along the length, edges, corners; about the devices and rules for handling manual wood and metal working tools and so on. Children get acquainted with a profession that will allow them to find a good job and, perhaps, a calling for the life.