Psychological work

Support of a psychologist is the most important component of training in the Absolute boarding school. The goal of the psychological work is effective psychological and pedagogical support of the children, the optimization of the educational process, taking into account the specific difficulties met in the learning process, the relationship in the union "child-parent-teacher." Individual and group classes with the children are conducted at school, aimed at increasing motivation for study, and solving problems in personal relationships.

Psychological help allows each child to feel confident and comfortable at school. It allows parents and teachers to know about the difficulties with a child in real time and learn to give appropriate support in overcoming the troubles. It is important to note that the focus of the psychological work at school is not only children, but also their parents.

The functions of the school psychologist include:

  • psychological diagnostics;
  • correctional work;
  • counseling parents and teachers;
  • psychological education;
  • participation in the teachers' councils and parents meetings;
  • help with the recruitment of the first grade pupuils;
  • psychological prevention.

Psychological diagnostics includes conducting group and individual examinations of children with the help of special techniques. Diagnostics uses the techniques aimed at studying the level of development of attention, thinking, memory, emotional sphere, personality traits and relationships with others. Also school psychologist uses methods to study the child-parent relationship, the nature of the interaction between the teacher and the class.

Correction work sessions can be individual and group. On them a psychologist tries to correct the undesirable effects of the child's mental deviations. These classes can be aimed both at the development of cognitive processes (memory, attention, thinking) and solving problems in the emotional-volitional sphere. Within the framework of these sessions the Absolute boarding school implements projects on canistherapy, sand therapy, developing activities, communication trainings. The school psychologists use existing training programs, and also develop them, taking into account the specifics of each child.

Counseling gives an opportunity for parents and teachers to know and analyze the results of diagnosis, learning and communication difficulties a child can meet in the future. At the same time, recommendations how to solve the problems and interact with a child are developed together with the parents and teachers.

Psychological education allows the psychologist to give information about the laws and conditions of the child's mental development. These details can be useful on consultations or parent meetings. A psychologist participates the teachers' councils, takes part in making decisions related to the education of children on an individual program, transferring to another class and so on.

One of the tasks of a psychologist is to write an interview program for future first-graders, to estimate the level of a child’s preparing for school. A psychologist also gives recommendations to the parents of the 1st grade pupils. All these tasks of psychological work make it possible to create a favourable psychological climate at school that is important for child's all-round  mental development and formation of the child's personality.

The work of the school psychologist includes the methodical part. The psychologists of the Absolute boarding school try to improve their education level, practical skills, try to get acquainted with new techniques. The school psychologists find the most optimal methods of practical work, select special literature to the school library with the purpose of acquaintance of teachers, parents and pupils with psychology.

An important part of psychological work in the Absolute boarding school is the direction of career guidance. The goal of vocational guidance work is to form in children with cognitive deviations ability to choose the sphere of professional activity best corresponds to their personal characteristics. The work includes two components: vocational guidance and socialization. For this purpose, the Absolute boarding school conducts workshops "Acquaintance with the profession", seminars, special trainings, events, monitoring of the situation and supervision of children and the graduators.

In psychological work in the Absolute boarding school includes the following principles:

  • approach to each child as a talented one. This principle means that children with whom psycho correctional work is carried out, do not require indulgence, not a reduction in the overall level of education, but correction of their development to the optimum standard, the maximum development of their capabilities;
  • an individual approach to each child in the context of one’s age development. Psycho correctional work is focused on a certain pattern, the norm of development, but does not aim to "fit" this child's point of reference right now. The landmark assumes a wide field of search and activity, both in the space of the child's possibilities, and in the time of their actualization;
  • regular diagnosis and monitoring of the psycho emotional state of children.